Unsere Kunden sagen / What our clients say

  • PI has planned our new foundry in North Carolina, USA. PI is a complete solution from the earlier stages, starting with ideas and a conception, to the planning, to the installation and rum up. - The best technical and professional engineer consultant team have ever worked with.

    GF Casting Solutions AG Carlos Vasto, CEO GF Casting Solutions

  • PI was a proficient and dependable partner along the entire path from first concept to start of serial production. Jointly, we implemented a fascinating and challenging project, and built a cutting-edge foundry ranking among the world‘s finest.

    BMW Group Johann Wolf, Head of light alloy foundry

  • We assigned PI with a redesign of our supply chain for leading delivery performance and for low inventories. PI convinced with precise analyses, good ideas and a well-founded, workable concept.

    VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA Ferdinand Salehi, Head of global supply-chain-management (former)

  • We contracted PI to investigate the potentials for flow production in our clutch-drum manufacture. We profited from PI’s profound expertise in material flow, their detailed analysis and precise suggestions to chain-link selected manufacturing steps when retrofitting our shop.

    STIHL AG & Co. KG Rüdiger Ludwig, Production planner and team leader punching

  • Project work teamed with the competent PI specialists is great pleasure.

    Franken Guss GmbH & Co. KG Josef Karl, Chief purchasing manager

  • We got to know PI as proficient, reliable and very easy to work with.

    GF Casting Solutions AG Ferdinand Stutz, Member of the board and CEO GF Casting Solutions AG (former)

  • In the course of our project ‘Assembly line for V-engines' we deeply profited from PI’s extensive experience in analytic and structured planning of complex ventures.

    MAN Truck & Bus SE Harald Kürzdörfer, CEO Engine plant Nürnberg

  • Bright ideas and pin-pointed project management achieve timely implementation of ‘unfeasible’ tasks.

    GF Casting Solutions AG Manfred Pohl, Engineering lead, Werdohl (former maintenance lead, München)

  • I learned to value PI as an innovative and capable partner. In cooperation with our key suppliers, we developed a flexible logistics concept for fluctuating demands.

    GE Wind Energy GmbH Rainer Bröring, CEO

  • Our production is a mixture of single part and serial production. It continuously must react faster and more flexible on our customer demands. To achieve this PI supported us with sound concepts and innovative detail solutions.

    SIEMENS AG, Industry Sector, Drive Technologies LD Hans E. Timm, Head of production

  • What does PI stand for at Gerresheimer pharmaSystems? During conceptual design: Thorough analysis, proven solutions, solid recommendations. During implementation: 'Hands-on‘ support with extensive experience, perfect teamwork.

    GERRESHEIMER Stephan Arnold, Vice President

  • PI was a factor of success in our factory planning: Proficient, high-performing, team-oriented, entrepreneurially thinking and acting to serve our corporation. Additionally, PI was a trustworthy sparring partner.

    ZF Friedrichshafen AG Dr. Thomas Hegel, Head of business unit special drives

  • PI became a strategic partner for General Electric in critical planning and design phases for our new manufacturing and service facilities. Strong expertise in industrial engineering and strong focus to deliver high quality solutions is PI differentiator in the engineering consulting industry.

    GE Energy, Power & Water Carsten Pennartz, New Projects Leader